For Physicians

Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation is the only integrated medical network in the Tulare Kings County area. At the center of our health care system is Visalia Medical Clinic, a 75 year old clinic offering primary care and a wide range of specialties.


Welcome to the Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation!

Whether you are practicing in Tulare County now, or considering establishing a practice here, the Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation offers an exciting new opportunity.

By affiliating with the foundation, you can enjoy the benefits of a private practice without the challenges of running your own business. Billing, streamlined hospital scheduling, coordinated imaging and lab services, best practices in office management and more will be available to you through the foundation.

The foundation will also support your practice through prudent investment in technology, taking the burden off of individual physician practices.

Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation’s staff will help you manage the business of your practice so you can practice medicine.


The Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation is your connection to a meaningful balance between life and work. If you have questions, please contact Chief Executive Officer Richard E. Strid, MPA, MCPE, at (559) 738-7547.